Source code for flask_limiter.errors

"""errors and exceptions."""

from distutils.version import LooseVersion
from pkg_resources import get_distribution
from six import text_type
from werkzeug import exceptions

werkzeug_exception = None
werkzeug_version = get_distribution("werkzeug").version
if LooseVersion(werkzeug_version) < LooseVersion("0.9"):  # pragma: no cover
    # sorry, for touching your internals :).
    import werkzeug._internal
    werkzeug._internal.HTTP_STATUS_CODES[429] = 'Too Many Requests'
    werkzeug_exception = exceptions.HTTPException
    # Werkzeug 0.9 and up have an existing exception for 429
    werkzeug_exception = exceptions.TooManyRequests

[docs]class RateLimitExceeded(werkzeug_exception): """exception raised when a rate limit is hit. The exception results in ``abort(429)`` being called. """ code = 429 limit = None def __init__(self, limit): self.limit = limit if limit.error_message: description = limit.error_message if not callable( limit.error_message ) else limit.error_message() else: description = text_type(limit.limit) super(RateLimitExceeded, self).__init__(description=description)